prison jammer
5Gjammers.com is professional high power bomb jammer and prison jammer supplier,we offers prison cell phone jammer system | vehicle bomb jammer | car bomb jammer | portable cell phone jammer | manpack cell phone jammer | school cell phone jammer | church cell phone jammer | bus driver jamming system to keep driver not in cell phone conversation during driving.

5Gjammers.com is belong of bestjammers.com, found in 2008, focus on high power cell phone jammer and bomb cell phone jammers, all our products are passed Burn-in test before shipping to our customers.

Prison jammer is deign to blocking all cell phone signals in prison,we have two model GMH03 and GMH75, GMH03 is high power version,each band output power up to 100watts, it can be custom make up to 7 bands to blocking GSM,DCS,PCS,3G,4G LTE Winmax signals; GMH75 is cheap solution,each band output power is 15 watts, it support max 6 bands, with 90 degree direction antenna shield range up to 60 meters, two bands integration in an antenna,for a middle prison install 20 ~ 30 units can be shield all the cell phone signals,best solution for each prison room blocking.

Vehicle bomb jammer design to blocking remote control signals and cell phone signals,it's mounted in a car, our vehicle bomb jammer have 10 bands,each band output power is 100watts, total 1000watts,effective range 100~ 300 meters, built in car power supply system to keep important place in secure.

Now days, most of cell phone with 4G technology, it's make easy for internet social activities, in class room,workshop,meeting,home; with our 4G cell phone jammer can be blocking the 4G signals,keep 2G cell phone communication,avoid student not listening in class room,the staff waste time for social,keep your child not going online whole night with their cell phone(iphone,sunsang and so on.).

For some important meeting our cell phone jammer can be protect your conversation not be spied by other competitors; for church,cinema use our jammer to keep it in quiet, for private area use our jammer to keep in secure.

For home to keep child cannot use cell phone or ipad on soical networks at night and influence he/she sleeping, use 4G and WIFI jammer can be cut the connection to let them go to sleeping,with timer function which can setting working time,in that way you can control the exact time to let your kids go to sleeping and stop working when they fall asleep.

For the workshop the staff always use cell phone for social chatting during working, it will less production efficiency,use 4G WIFI cell phone Jammer which can blocking only 4G data and WIFI,it will not influence 2G communication.